A new generation of high resolution cameras

71 Megapixel Machine Vision Camera from MICROBOX GmbH delivers ultra high resolution and outstanding color reproduction for a wide range of applications.

Adjustable Exposure: Fully adjustable exposure rate. By time 0.0001-2.0 sec. By user friendly application and via delivered SDK a full programmable interface offers a wide variety of image enhancement features.

Highest Precision: Unlike other machine vision camera makers Microbox customer structure always asked for most precise lens for the given magnification. With individual geometric adjustment, tiniest aberrations are tracked down avoiding microscopic tilt of optical axis. Microbox developed unique measurement strategies based on long experience in document scanner design and production.

CMOS Sensor: Latest CMOS technology offers low power, low-noise and high dynamic range. Its unique aspect ratio of 1:1.41 (1:√2) refers to ISO document sizes. Working with a crop factor of 1.14 K71 allows wide range of lens systems being compatible. Besides RGB color a Grayscale version offers higher sensitivity and improved resolving characteristics.


With MICROBOX K71 machine vision camera system a powerful base for numerous applications is given. Sensor and lens, together forming the camera, are core of any vision capture system.


List includes aerial photography (integration with UAVs), photography and reprography, quality control and scientific applications. Contact us to learn more!


K71 features a reliable, very robust sealed camera body construction for tough, demanding environment with full flexible mounting possibilities. For UAV a lightweight Magnesium version is available.


Sensor type | CMOS area sensor 71MP, electronic shutter
Sensor dimension | 10000(H) x 7096(W) effective active pixels
Sensor pixel size | 3.1µm x 3.1µm
Chroma | RGB Bayer color
Dynamic range | 63 dB
Exposure rate | 0,0001 – 2,0 sec
Sensitivity | 0.15 A/W (@550nm)
Conversion factor | ~63 µV/e
Frame rate | 2.5 fps full color
Data bit depth | 8, 12 or 16
Capture mode | Single shot full frame, windowed, video mode
Input requirement | Single supply; 10-16V DC, max 1A
Power consumption | Operational peak: 6 Watts, Stand-by: 1,8 Watts
Output interface | USB 2.0/3.0 Standard (Hi-Speed/SuperSpeed)
Lenses | Wide range with adapters for different mount types
Dimension | 105mm x 125mm x 28.5mm (W x D x H)
Weight | 500g / 225g [Mg], without adapter and lens
RoHS | Directive 2002/95/EC
Device driver | Available for 64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/8.1/10
SDK | Fully programmable interface C++ communication library provided as DLL
Servicing application | Fully controllable application (camera adjustment, color calibration, status information, capturing and storage purposes)
Imaging | White / black / linear / color correction, lateral chromatic aberration and vignetting lens correction, Different Demosaicing types, median and sharpening filtering